Precision Revision

Expert Editing by Laurie Masters

“I turn what you wrote into what you meant!”

Authors Appreciate Precision Revision!


Pam Armstrong, author of Surviving Healthcare

“Laurie, bless you. You are a gem. I got a quick chance to review your revisions, and in general I like them very much. Also, you so obviously want this to be good, and I don’t think I could find anyone else who has your level of dedication to this project. I, too, am enjoying working with you, and I really appreciate all the careful thought and reorganizing you’ve put into the book. It’s coming together well. The next challenge will be getting feedback from the medical reviewers …”

Rex Bowlby, author of Plant Roots

“Let me say … You have a wonderful “bookside” manner and it makes me realize you care, and only want what is best for the work. You don’t show me “what you know” by finding as many problems as you can. You take your ego out it. I appreciate that.”

“I’m like you in that regard in terms of focusing on the human side of things. I spend much time communicating with readers with no financial gain, but I believe it makes a difference in their lives, That is why you and I will never be rich. But I sure sleep well at night. Bet you do too.”

“If I were you, I think I would write an introduction of yourself that would provide your philosophy, how you work, what you do, your top 10 priorities or pet grammar peeves, and so on, that you would provide up front. In that way people could get the “warm and fuzzy” level of confidence, and then you could dispense with much of the “putting neurotic writers at ease” explanations that you have had to do with me.”

“I have reviewed “About the Author.” Excellent work. I had to read the thing 10 times before I could grasp the concept of the date and it’s relationship to the meaning I intended. It’s hard to step outside of what “we say” and see it another way (what you say). It is for me anyway. It is as if you were trying to explain me (if there were no mirrors) that I have green eyes. It’s clear to you but not to me. The invention of editors was a great creation.”

“I think I get frustrated because, I have so much to say (I think) but I struggle with the words and how best to say it. But, like all humans, I go merrily along ignoring my deficits, KNOWING I communicate perfectly! Thus, when someone like you gets ahold of it, it’s the reminder that I don’t. And we humans all hate that!!! LOL!”

“You are very heady and an exceptionally elegant writer. (Think you should be writing books, not editing them.)”

“That ‘precision’ in revision surely applies. You reek of integrity. For those of us who are merely ‘human’ we don’t want to see this. LOL!”

Robert Oppenlander, author of Comfortably Unaware

“I know you are very busy, but wondered if you would be able to fit me in to your schedule occasionally for some of these articles I am writing. Most of them will be around 900 words, drafted in my usual ‘throw-unique-concepts-and-perspectives-together-and-then-let-Laurie-sort through-it’ style! ”

“Just a brief note, Laurie, to thank you for your involvement with this article. I appreciate your editing and am impressed with your interpretive skills–not an easy task without much familiarization of my writing style, the unique perspectives I attempt to convey, or desired tone. Many thanks for your expertise and assistance in moving this important message forward.”

“Great work, Laurie! Truly. I really like not only the editing, but your editing notes related to technique as well as your comments, which allowed me to become more acquainted with your thought process. Quite well done! The editing notes all make sense, although, I wish my publishers would have allowed you to take one round of editing my new book a few months ago! Laurie, I am grateful to have found you and appreciate your work. It provides one more incentive for me to keep writing, knowing you will be able to craft my concepts into a more readable form. Many thanks!”

“Laurie, your suggestion of creating navigation aids throughout the article is perfect! I made it a point to have incorporated that same technique in my next book (being printed right now), but didn’t have the time to think about it yet with this blog post so I’m happy you picked up on it. And, as you mentioned, this adds clarity and simplifies organization. Well done!”

Pamelah Landers, author of Your Heart Is in Your Hands

“For the last month I’ve worked on my book all but 5 days I think – writing, editing or designing the cover. Wish I had the funds for you to edit the new part but I just don’t. I do take into consideration things like “Is this how Laurie would edit it?” “Could I use fewer words here?” It helps. So thanks for the work you did. It is helping me with writing the rest.”

Rick Gegge, author of Healing Practices to Help Kids Grow Up Easier

“Thank you so much for your work. I am amazed and really tickled. I am so moved by the great difference … in fact, moved to joyous tears it looks so professional …. What skill you have.”

Dr. Douglas Graham, author of The 80/10/10 Diet

“Huge thanks, Laurie. Well done. Interesting, when I read the final version, it seems that you did so little, until I read the annotated version and actually see the changes.”

“If you want THE BEST person, bar none, it is Laurie Masters. She is thorough, quick, and extremely insightful. She will communicate with you daily. She will assuredly make your book the best that it possibly can be. You will also have to pay her for this service, most likely more than you would pay any of the others. But after any of the others are done with it, I am not convinced that you will be thrilled with it. It may take longer than you want, because Laurie may make suggestions that require a bit more effort on your part, but the finished product will be something that you will always be proud of and won’t want to redo later down the road.”

Cherie Soria, author of Angel Foods: Healthy Recipes for Heavenly Bodies and The Raw Food Revolution Diet

“Hi Laurie, You are SO awesome. There are very few things I have altered, rejected or added to. I am happy with the way you are approaching this and feel it is working well for me. I also thank you for the improvement in my writing. Your tutoring has helped me a great deal, indeed. I still need you to look my work over, but I know there is less editing and rewriting required now, compared to BL (Before Laurie)! You are a gem! Love and appreciation, Cherie”

“Thanks so much! Somehow, even though you didn’t make any MAJOR changes, what you did really pulled the article together. For some reason, this was a challenging article for me to write and when I was finished, I wasn’t even sure I liked it. But after you worked your magic on it, I was proud to put my name on it!”

“Laurie Masters is a master of writing and editing. I have been using Laurie as an editor and consultant for several years in editing my books, articles, business letters, speeches, and documents. What I really appreciate about Laurie is her willingness to teach me how to write interesting comprehensive documents, rather than just making the changes for me and keeping me dependent on her to rewrite everything for me. When she makes a change, she notes why she made the change and follows with the grammatical basis for it—so next time, I write it correctly. Yet, she never chastises me for continuing to make mistakes until I “get it.” Laurie’s tutoring has made a marked improvement in my writing and given me the confidence of a seasoned author and speaker. I now need less editing and rewriting compared to BL (Before Laurie)! She is a gem and I highly recommend her to all my friends and colleagues.”

Geralyn Gendreau, editor of The Marriage of Sex and Spirit

“God, I love how thorough you are. … Laurie, one of my primary goals in the coming months will be to make enough money to send all my stuff to you.”

“The marketing plan, webtext and overview were vastly improved by your badassness, Ms. Laurie!”

Albert Clayton Gaulden, author of You’re Not Who You Think You Are

“Dear Laurie: I will always be eternally grateful to you for your masterful edit and warm and gracious attitude. Notice the Acknowledgments closely.”

“Thank you for the good work. You are a darn good editor. LOVE AND GRATITUDE, ALBERT”

JP Allen, co-author of Giraffe Juice

“I feel proud of both of us in how we created such a mutually beneficial relationship that involved both money and friendship… I love when those two things work so smoothly together.”

“I love the way you work! I love the way you report on time spent too. No one else does that no matter how many times I request it. Deeply appreciated! I adore you.”

“Did I forget to tell you today that I thank God in heaven that I get to work with you. Clarity is so important with stuff like the HHR web page and you’re a master!!!!”

“If everything in my life could be as easy as working with you….”

“P.S. Your organization is practically a spiritual experience for me.”

Franca Baroni, author of On Governance: Cor Publicum—The Evolution of Res Publica

“Laurie was exactly what I had hoped for. She perfectly understood the depth of proofreading I wanted and the quality of her work was impeccable. She was efficient, responsive, and thorough, and most of all she maintained the integrity of my manuscript. I chose her among other candidates not only because of her professionalism but also because of her honest, generous, and straigthforward style. I was impressed by her high level of integrity in handling the costs. I am extremely grateful to her.”

Marsha Red Adams, author of Blindly Suspended: Marsha Red Adams in Retrospect/1970-2010

(At time of hire): “Of course it’s a shot in the dark for me. I can’t really imagine what you would edit. I’ve worked so darn hard on this thing, but I know what happens when you’re so close to something like this.”

(Nine days later, after having exchanged 574 e-mail messages): “I actually projected that we would get through the editing over the weekend! You must laugh when people say things like ‘I have no idea what you will be doing?’ HA!”

“Hi Laurie—upon printout out all the revisions, & rereading, I found even more corrections that YOU would have made. I was reading it as if I were YOU—funny, but you’ve taught me well. Thank you for accommodating my style and way of working—without the computer savvy and organization. I’m glad you’re on top of it!”