Precision Revision

Expert Editing by Laurie Masters

“I turn what you wrote into what you meant!”

About Laurie

Laurie Masters is a freelance editor in the San Francisco Bay Area who helps people bring their life work to the world through the printed word. Her tagline is “I turn what you wrote into what you meant,” and many wonderful authors wholeheartedly agree!




Laurie is passionate about many topics, including earth-regenerative permaculture, ethanol (“liquid solar energy”) for fueling and powering the planet, the compassionate Nonviolent Communication work of Marshall Rosenberg, and helping people reverse diabetes, autoimmune conditions, and other diseases with a low-fat, whole-food, plant-based diet






I worked in Silicon Valley as a technical editor during the 1990s at companies including Siliconix, Hitachi Internetworking, and MicroDesign Resources, where I was managing editor of the prestigious Microprocessor Report. I left corporate America in 2000 to freelance. As an independent, I have worked on both self-published and traditionally published books, most often as a copy editor, but also in developmental editing, ghostwriting, fact-checking, research, proofreading, interior book layout, and other roles.